BARFLY 4 – Handlebar Head Unit Mount System Review
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The ONLY head unit mount you will ever need!

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Best Features: Well thought out, Inexpensive and High Quality!


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  • For less cost than a single OEM handlebar mount, you get a handlebar mount that also contains replaceable heads for Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Magellan, Cateye, Powertap, and Bryton.
  • Also included are several accessory mounts for the GoPro/Shimano cameras, flashlight/headlight, and Di2/EPS junction or D-fly mount.
  • Well-made that takes only seconds to install.


  • One manufacture is absent – Lezyne. Barfly said the Lezyne mount is coming shortly.
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BarFly 4 Handlebar Mount System

If I could rate this an 11/10, I would. This system is slick!

It’s complete and it’s that good!BarFly 4 Handlebar Mount System Believe me, this is the last handlebar mount you will ever need! Mounting the Barfly is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Mount the Barfly onto your handlebars, center appropriately.
  2. Select your specific head unit mount – choose from Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Mio/Magellan, Cateye, Powertap or Bryton. Lezyne coming shortly.
  3. Select accessory mount(s) – choose based on your needs. Accessory mounts include Di2/EPS front junction box, D-fly/EWW01, any device with a GoPro style mount and there’s even an accessory mount for a flashlight, etc.

I contacted Barfly after I saw their ad in BRAIN (Bicycle Retailer and Industry News). What intrigued me was that someone had really put a lot of thought into this product.

I saw what appeared to be several ‘snap-in’ mounts and accessory mounts that would allow this work with any head unit, and, ever since I moved my D-fly from the seat stay to the front of the bike, I have been looking for a clean, totally integrated solution. And this appears to be it!!!

Less than 10 minutes after the Barfly 4 arrived, I had it mounted to the bars and had the Bryton Rider 310, BarFly 4 Handlebar Mount SystemShimano CM-1000 camera and D-fly installed. See A., B., C. in the accompanying photos below.

The next thing I’m planning on doing is to attach the EW90 front junction box to the accessory mount – piggy-backing it to the D-fly. In my final configuration, I will have a GPS head unit + camera + front junction box + d-fly all conveniently and neatly attached to this single Barfly handlebar mount.


You don’t give up anything with the Barfly 4 mount. In fact, you actually gain handlebar real estate! Instead of a mount for the head unit, a separate mount for the camera, another mount for the front junction box and yet another mount for the D-fly, all of this can be mounted to a single Barfly 4. Mine is now holding 4 devices.

The Barfly 4 is sized for a 35.0mm handlebar, but can easily accommodate a 31.8 handlebar using the provided BarFly 4 Handlebar Mount Systemrubber washer. A single short allen screw is used to attach the Barfly to the handlebars.

A longer allen screw is also provided when attaching the Di2/EPS Junction Box Mount. Just swap out the shorter screw for the longer screw.

Additionally, 2 short screws are used to secure each of 7 provided head unit mounts to the Barfly. If you want to attach the GoPro camera mount to the Barfly as well, two longer screws are also provided. Just swap out the shorter screws for the longer screws.


At the current price level, this is the deal of the century.

The instruction sheet is super easy to read and follow. Every screw to support any configuration is also included, making this a no-brainer to install and use. I fully loaded up my Barfly 4 with every possible accessory in just a couple of minutes.

Other configurations supported are MTB and TT. Again, everything is included to make this work for any possible setup you might need.

This is one slick mount and I highly recommend getting one of your own!

BarFly 4 Handlebar Mount System