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Saddles Part 8 – SHIMANO PRO new TURNIX

Posted on Aug 12, 2013

**This is in response to my body type and riding style. These results may vary with others riding the same saddle. Any rating below a 3 is a great score PICKING THE RIGHT PRO SADDLE Once you navigate to the website and navigate to the NEW SADDLES section, you are shown their 3 new models; Falcon, TURNIX and Griffon. You then get a chance to run the SADDLE SELECTOR, which guides you in selecting the right saddle for you, well, sort of – more on this later. When you click on the Saddle Selector, you are asked about your riding style, flexibility and saddle preferences, such as carbon or titanium rails, white or black, etc. When going through this section, I was asked if I am a Flyer, a Neutral or a Worker. By their definitions, my style is NEUTRAL because sometimes I sit in one place on the flats, and sometimes I move around when climbing. Continuing on, I was asked about my flexibility followed by me having to enter my sit bone width. Finally, after selecting...

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PROGOLD Lubricants

Posted on Aug 7, 2013

  MANUFACTURER ProGold Lubricants WEBSITE  MSRP See Individual Products Below PROVIDED BY Samples from Company FEATURES Lubricants, degreasers, wash solutions for the bicycling industry HOT:–All products met or exceeded expectations–Most mileage achieved with a chain by using ProLink–Luber Pen is perfect for hard to reach derailleur pivot pins and brake caliper pivot points NOT:–I recommended to the company to add a new product Xtreme Luber Pen.–Some degreasers cannot be used on or around painted parts (i.e., bicycle frame), raw carbon, rubber or plastics..   SUMMARY: As can be seen by the testing described below, I am very satisfied with these products. They make cleaning the bike an easy chore by greatly reducing the time it takes to clean a bike in a conventional way.   PRODUCTS TESTED SIZES AVAIL MSRP DESCRIPTION HOT! NOT! PROLINK CHAIN LUBE RATING: 5/5 – 0.25 oz Luber pen – 4 oz bottle – 16 oz spray bottle – $5.75 – $8.70 – $19.95 ProLink Chain Lube is a ‘thin-bodied’ lubricant which utilizes metal friction reducer technology for smooth shifting and a quiet drive train. ProLink Chain Lube does not build up or become tacky....

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Self-Massage Bars & Rollers

Posted on Aug 5, 2013

SELF-MASSAGE BARS & ROLLERS BACKGROUND My daughter is attending our  local State University finishing up her degree in Kinesiology and applying for graduate school to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is also a hard-core athlete. She does cross country, triathlons, criterium & road racing, time trials, and, like the rest of us, she definitely gets sore muscles and overuse injuries. Even though she stretches multiple times a day, she can’t always get rid of all of her trigger points (knots in muscles). One problem area for her is having tight IT bands. SOLUTION! For her last birthday, I bought her ‘The Stick’ muscle therapy bar. She uses this religiously and recently let me borrow it when my calves were tight and sore. She showed me some stretches to do as well. This has really helped… until she asked for her ‘Stick’ back! Thinking that this might be something good to test, I started searching the Internet for muscle therapy solutions. What I found out is that there are actually two solutions that work hand-in-hand. These products are...

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Taya DECA-101 10-Speed Chain for Shimano Drivetrain...

Posted on Jun 25, 2013

      8/1/2013 TEST COMPLETE TAYA DECA-101 WEBSITE MODEL TESTED DECA-101 10-speed (HG) chain featuring SIGMA CONNECTOR MSRP $49.00 SIZE 1/2” x 5/64” FINISH TESTED Silver/Silver FINISH AVAILABLE Silver/Black, Ti-Gold, GST CLAIMS Chain life up to 5,000km (3,107 miles) RATING 4.5/5.0 FEATURES Inclined Internal Bridge Deep Inner Waist Chamfer 4-edges Chamfer Outer Plates Hardened Sub Punched Pins Super narrow for 10-speed (1/2”x5/64” SOURCE Bike Shops, Online Retailers PROVIDED BY Sample from company ALSO AVAILABLE 11 speed 10 speed 9 speed 8 speed 5, 6, 7, speed 1 speed HOT! Durable, long lasting chain Smooth performance NOT! Questionable Sigma Connector (Master Link) technology Taya states the “DECA DHT 1 series, 101 chain life is up to 5,000 KM (which is 3,107 miles). To test this, TAYA was gracious enough to send my team several of these chains. Here is the usage and life report. Taya DECA 101 – 10 speed chain     A chain is a chain? Not so. The Taya DECA 10 is a High Quality, Highly Durable, Ultra-Long wearing chain. I was able to get...

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Shimano SM-SH12 Blue SPD SL Cleat

Posted on Jun 19, 2013

  Rating: 5/5 Product Tested: SM-SH12 Blue Cleat for SPD-SL Pedals Price: $36.99 MSRP Source: Bike shops, websites Made In: Japan Features: ± 1° float. Less float than the Yellow SM-SH11 cleat, more float than the Red SM-SH10. How obtained: Sample from company Summary: Well thought out cleat that will satisfy most racers. HOT! Just the right amount of Float No wasted lateral movement More efficient – more power to the pedals NOT! Fairly steep price.    OVERVIEW Years ago, when I purchased my first Dura-Ace group, I also picked up their top of the line shoes. Somewhere between opening the shoe box and the pedal box, a set of yellow cleats popped out. After bolting these onto the new shoes and doing several rides, I was able to fine-tune the adjustment so that my knees were comfortable. Then, one day, while out on a ride with a good friend (who is a seasoned racer), I noticed that he had red cleats. Never seeing Red Shimano cleats before, I asked him what the differences were between these two...

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Guru Experience Total Bike Fit System

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

GURU EXPERIENCE TOTAL BIKE FIT SYSTEM GURU EXPERIENCERating: 5/5http://gurucycling.com Tested: Basic Fit Experience Prices: Determined by retailer Source: GURU approved bike shops Features: Incremental fit positions Summary: High quality system that fits a bike to the rider, not the rider to the bike HOT! High quality fit system Affordable (2 tier price groups) Value: you get a lot for your money Most shops will roll all of part of the price into the purchase of a new bike Database of other bicycles , saddles, stems and bars Clean and air conditioned environment NOT! Only 1 saddle partner (Fizik) Only 1 stem/bar partner (Zipp)   ARTICLE SUMMARY The process will go something like this: A F.I.S.T. certified technician will adjust the machine for an initial fit, and then vary the saddle and handlebar positions as you ride. Like an optometrist, the technician will ask, “Do you like position ‘A’ better or ‘B’ better? Is ‘B’ better or ‘C’ better?” The F.I.S.T. technician will monitor the machine’s built-in power meter as well as assessing your pedaling efficiency and comfort, then, will...

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