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LATEST WORD ON BEST CHAIN LUBES for bicycles and sport bikes

Bicycle Chain Lube Motorcycle Chain Lube Sport Bike Chain Lube


Bicycle Chain Lube Motorcycle Chain Lube Sport Bike Chain Lube

A while back, I did a very detailed chain and lube test – see Fast-forward a couple years and let’s see how these lubes are holding up.

11-speed chains and name brand chain oils were tested for almost 5 years. For these conventional/oil-based lubes, I followed 5 rules for all tests;

1) I used a new Ultegra chain.
2) I used only one lube for each new chain, i.e., I used the same lube for the entire life of a chain.
3) I applied lube every 200 miles (322 km) and recorded chain wear at each of these intervals.
4) I cleaned the chain just prior to applying new lube.
5) Rode the chain at a consistent high wattage.

All oil-based lubes lasted between 3,200-3,400 miles (5,150 – 5,470 km), and, compared to these oil-based lubes, the wax-based Squirt adds about 1,400 miles (2,253 km) to the life of the chain. SMOOVE adds a phenomenal 124% more life to the chain … that’s about 2.25 X more chain life than with top-tier oil-based chain lubes.

This summary of findings still applies through today.

Bicycle Chain Lube Motorcycle Chain Lube Sport Bike Chain Lube

My ‘go-to’ lube is SMOOVE, but I need to keep a small nail nearby since the nozzle will be completely clogged prior to the next lube. As for price/performance, SQUIRT comes in second.

<also, see, for SMOOVE and GO chain lubes>

A word about GO. This lube is from the same company that makes Squirt. GO is specially formulated as a motorcycle Bicycle Chain Lube Motorcycle Chain Lube Sport Bike Chain Lubechain lube with a very, very thick viscosity. GO can also be used on bicycle chains but, in my opinion, it is a little too thick. This lube is the only lube I use on my Sport Bike since it does NOT fling, a very important trait for motorcycle lubes.

I stopped using oil-based chain lubes after the 1st try. I washed my bike … spotless. Lubed the chain with a high-quality motorcycle oil-based chain-lube and went for a ride. When I got back, oil was thrown all over the rear of the bike, the swing arm, frame, rear wheel, rear tire, rear of the engine/transmission and all over me! This was about the same time I found out about SQUIRT, and that the same company had another lube specifically designed for motorcycles.

OBSERVATIONS – GO has the viscosity that is thicker than a heavy-duty gear oil. GO is even thicker than SMOOVE. For best results, I recommend applying right after a ride when the chain is still warm, otherwise, it is so thick that it will just sit on top of a cold chain. Using this lube on my sport bike, I am getting 10,000+ miles (16,100 km) out of a ‘520’ race chain and rear sprocket which is pretty good for a Honda CBR1000RR. Conventional lubes yield less than ½ of that mileage. Again, reapply every 200 miles and when the chain is warm. Shake the bottle vigorously and have a paperclip nearby to unclog the hole at the end of the applicator.


I’m still using SMOOVE and SQUIRT. A bottle lasts and lasts and lasts. In fact, I still have several bottles left from the test! Chains last longer and there is no noticeable drag in the chain. If you have a motorcycle and especially a sport bike, I highly recommend GO.

All of these lubes are highly recommended.