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Posted on Oct 28, 2016

THE NEXT GENERATION OF ‘WAX-BASED’ CHAIN LUBES ARE NOW AVAILABLE … and WOW, do they work much better!   CHAIN LUBE SUMMARY The next generation chain lubes are significantly better than the current petroleum-based chain lubes. The lubes are slightly more expensive but the chains last much longer so the cost of operation is less. WAX-BASED BACKGROUND Back in the day of 10-speed chains, consistent quality was lacking. After installing a brand new chain 10-speed chain, I would take a % wear reading using a Park Tool CC-2. The quality issue was that some chains would measure 25% while others would measure almost 75% worn. None measured were less than 25%. Again, those are right out of the box measurements. Due to this large discrepancy, tracking accurate chain mileage was next too impossible. What I did get was chain mileage in the neighborhood of 1,800 – 2,500 miles (2,900 – 4,250 km) for a 10-speed chain. For the past 4+ years, I have been testing chains and lubes. Mainly 11-speed chains and name brand chain oils. For these conventional/oil-based...

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Posted on Oct 27, 2016

  BH ULTRALIGHT SUMMARY   I will do this review a little differently and give you the summary first. It’s the best place to discuss this bike in a nutshell. This is such a nice handling, nice riding and one FAST road bike. The predictability of the handling makes this a perfect crit bike as well as a classics road bike. It does everything GREAT and is a fantastic bang for the buck!   Today’s ride: Both my riding partners backed out since they had to complete other priorities. Yes, I told them that doing our normal ride should be their priority but they didn’t bite. For those in Orange County, I did Santiago Canyon. Started at Rock n Road in Mission Viejo and averaged 300W to the top of dump hill. 38:50. For me, that’s a great time. The harder you push this bike the faster it goes – no terminal velocity as experienced with others. To prove this, coming back down Jamboree, two motorcycle cops at the bottom of the hill forcing the cars to do 55mph and I was...

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BH Bikes G7 Disc

Posted on Oct 13, 2016

BACKGROUND For the past 6 years, I’ve tested lots of carbon bicycles. I’ve ridden good ones and not-so-good ones. This BH G7 Disc is one of the good ones! Four main things I look at when riding a new bike for the first time; How much Bottom Bracket Flex when putting power to the pedals? How does the frame behave when shifting rear derailleur under load? How are its handling characteristics both high speed and slow speed, uphill, flats, downhill? Overall Price / performance? ALL IN THE NAME OF LIGHTNESS & HANDLING I’ve tested lightweight ‘racing bikes’ that had so much bottom bracket flex that I kept looking at the rear tire to see if it was flat. I’ve tested Di2-equipped bikes that the whole frame would shudder when I shifted the rear derailleur under load. There were other that couldn’t hold a straight line and some that would put of a fight in every turn in a criterium race. Several had handling so bad that I wouldn’t trust going downhill and others that were so heavy that it...

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Rolflex Pre- Post Ride Massage Roller

Posted on Sep 26, 2016

Rolflex Massage Roller I have re-started this article several times. Each time I stopped was due to  discovering yet another exercise and a whole new way of using this very versatile trigger point (TrP) release tool. WHAT IS A TRIGGER POINT (TrP)? According to, “the research is still underway,” but, what is known is that when pressed on, a trigger point feels like a “knot” with some amount of pain. I have included several references at the end of this article for those interested in researching this topic further. For all intents and purposes, let’s refer to a trigger point as a ‘muscle knot’. Quoting as well as including their diagram of trigger points (click for larger photo ->), “The inside of the body is covered with soft tissue called fascia. This tissue covers every structure including organs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. The fascia that covers your muscles is call myofascia.   When the myofascia is stressed from overuse or trauma, it can tear and adhere together. These adhesions are called “trigger points” and can prevent the...

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BRYTON RIDER 530 – GPS Head Unit & Cycling Computer...

Posted on Aug 25, 2016

    Introducing the BRYTON RIDER 530   In January 2016, I reviewed the latest GPS head units available. Link to Part I Review here, link to Part II Review here.   In the above-mentioned reviews, the Bryton Rider 310 came out on top, the best bang for the buck, numero uno.   Since that review was posted, several manufacturers have introduced new models. Among the most exciting is the Bryton Rider 530. Bryton’s’ latest, the Rider 530 is basically the big brother of the 310. The Rider 530 does everything that the 310 does, only better, including one of my favorite new features, a huge 1-1/2” x 2-1/4” screen. The Rider 530 also includes two new functions that the 310 does not, navigation and tracks. The 530 includes 7 fully customizable screens with a maximum of 12 data fields per page. That’s a total of 84 data fields that can be displayed on the 530. Since the 530 has about 84 different data fields, each data field on the 7 different screens can be unique!   BRYTON APP...

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BARFLY 4 – Handlebar Head Unit Mount System

Posted on Aug 2, 2016

If I could rate this an 11/10, I would. This system is slick! It’s complete and it’s that good! Believe me, this is the last handlebar mount you will ever need! Mounting the Barfly is as easy as 1-2-3. Mount the Barfly onto your handlebars, center appropriately. Select your specific head unit mount – choose from Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Mio/Magellan, Cateye, Powertap or Bryton. Lezyne coming shortly. Select accessory mount(s) – choose based on your needs. Accessory mounts include Di2/EPS front junction box, D-fly/EWW01, any device with a GoPro style mount and there’s even an accessory mount for a flashlight, etc. I contacted Barfly after I saw their ad in BRAIN (Bicycle Retailer and Industry News). What intrigued me was that someone had really put a lot of thought into this product. I saw what appeared to be several ‘snap-in’ mounts and accessory mounts that would allow this work with any head unit, and, ever since I moved my D-fly from the seat stay to the front of the bike, I have been looking for a clean, totally integrated...

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TaggioPro Pump Head

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

      TaggioPro PUMP HEAD – SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED The Taggio Pro Pump Head comes in a single-pack, 3-pack, 5-pack or 10-pack. Also included are a hose clamp and instruction sheet.  The other items that you will need; Your favorite Pump. Scissors or wire cutters (if you cannot remove the original pump head). Alternatively you can purchase an air hose to mount the TaggioPro pump head onto. Pliers to expand the hose clamp for installation Disconnect the original pump head by first disconnecting any locking screw then, you can either cut the hose or just as easy, wiggle the pump head back and forth while pulling on the hose. The original pump head will usually separate from its hose in no more than 30 seconds. Lastly, slide the supplied hose clamp onto the hose then slide the male end of the TaggioPro onto the end of the hose. Using your own supplied pliers, attach the provided  hose clamp to the end of the hose and that’s all there is to the assembly. HOW TO USE I setup and used the TaggioPro pump head for both...

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Posted on Jun 17, 2016

ICEBUG CYCLING INSOLES – LONG TERM TEST REPORT     ICEBUG CYCLING INSOLES – SLIM Last year, we here at Bike Test Reviews performed a comprehensive insole test rating all cycling specific insoles currently on the market. When the test was complete, one clear winner emerged – the ICEBUG SLIM insoles for Cycling. The test can be viewed by clicking here, (PART I; PART 2).   So for this Long Term Test Report, I will cover 2 aspects How do these insoles feel and do they really work? How are they holding up to daily use in the rain and the sun?   Before getting too far ahead, let me say that I’ve continued to learn more and more about insoles, specifically cycling insoles, and I truly believe that ICEBUG insoles provide the best bang for the buck.   What About Custom Insoles? During the custom molding process, the fitter relies on either a ‘pillow’ to help mold the heated insole to the cyclists’ foot, or uses a crushable foam that the cyclist steps into making a 3D impression...

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