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The GUTR – the Next Generation of Headbands

Posted on Dec 1, 2014

GUTR™ SPORTS HEADBAND ***** Update: 12/6/2014. Does the GUTR™ really work? Before this mornings’ ride, I was running a couple minutes late and had forgotten the GUTR™ which sat on the workbench in the garage. When I got to the bike shop, I thought that I probably wouldn’t need it since the weather was on the cool side. Wasn’t supposed to get over 62F. Boy was I wrong. About 40 minutes into the ride, the foam liner on my helmet had completely saturated, sweat started flowing down my face and into my eyes. You know, that stinging sweat. The group was hammering at 27mph through the campground so I needed to keep both hands on the bars. It wasn’t until the turnaround at 20 miles that I could wipe the sweat from my face and eyes. The return trip was even faster due to a slight tailwind. All the way back sweat in my eyes. So, does the GUTR™ work? You bet it does. That is the last time I forget it at home! ***** There are several sweat...

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Best Location for EWW01 – Shimano D-fly wireless transmitter...

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

I’ve been experimenting with best location for the EWWo1. I have heard several people say that, depending on which GPS head unit you are running, there might not be enough signal strength for the head unit to read. Some cyclists have experienced timeouts with their head units and dropped/missing data when processing the results. Reading through Shimano’s tech docs for the EWW01, they imply that this location is a requirement. They seem very specific that the location needs to be mounted between 110mm and 130mm above the top of the right rear dropout. In actuality, this is only a recommendation for placement. Right rear seat stay mounting: The advantages are (1) easy access, (2) ease of connecting, (3) tucked in and out of the way. The disadvantage being that some GPS head units might not pick up its signal. So, where to mount it? This will work for both the older Ultegra 6770 SM-EW67A-E front junction (shown to the left) and the newer 3-port Shimano SM-EW90-A or the 5-port SM-EW90-B front junction (shown to the right). It’s just that the newer units are easier to work...

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Shimano Camera CM-1000 Long Term Use Review

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

      SHIMANO CM-1000 SPORT CAMERA After unpacking the shipping box and laying out all of the bits and pieces, I read through the User’s Manual as well as downloaded the 1-page instruction sheet, and even though you might be tempted to just start playing with the camera, I highly recommend spending 5 minutes to go through the User’s Manual and Instruction sheet. The camera’s operations are very easy to understand and are listed here: and here PREPPING THE CAMERA Unlocking the rear cover reveals 2 slots, one for the supplied USB charging cable, the other for a Micro SD/SDHC card. When you purchase your card, make sure is states at lease class 6. Most are class 10 now. Your card can be 8GB, 16GB or 32GB. I recommend going with 32GB since it will hold an entire 2 hour Full HD video. A 16GB card will fall short. After installing the memory, plug the camera into your PC, Laptop, or an existing 5VDC wall mount (cell phone) charger for about 4 hours to fully charge....

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Magellan Cyclo 505 and 505hc – Worth a Look!

Posted on Nov 16, 2014

  INTRODUCTION When I started this review, Cyclo Version 4.0 had just come out. This review discusses Version 4.1, which came out October 2014. Version 4.1 includes several bug fixes as well as tighter integration to Di2, WiFi and new GPS speed sensor fields have been added. If you are still running Version 4.0, I highly recommend the free upgrade to Version 4.1. One thing I am very happy to see is that Magellan is listening to and evaluating all feedback from the testers, which is ultimately making this a better and better unit. Magellan is continuously adding functionality and quickly taking care of any issues that arise, making this unit better and better with each new release of the software. As a tester who is working closely with Magellan, they are genuinely interested and committed to making this the BEST unit on the market – period. If you have any recommendations, please email the author via the Contact Us form on the website and I will make sure to forward your requests to Magellan. MAGELLAN CYCLO 505 IS A WORTHY GARMIN ALTERNATIVE Magellan, a Belgian company that...

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Posted on Nov 15, 2014

  HALO II ATHLETIC HEADBAND I sweat a lot when cycling. Usually so much that I have to remove my sunglasses to see. Looking at different solutions to remedy this, I have tried many types of headbands and head wraps that supposedly stop the sweat – at least for a little while until they get completely saturated then start leaking down the forehead and into the eyes. After seeing the Halo Headband products at a trade show, I contacted them for a solution. They sent me several different styles to try. I settled in on the Halo II as the one that fit me the best and matched my type of cycling. HOW DOES IT WORK? The technology behind the Halo products is two-fold, (1) Antimicrobial Dryline® fabric absorbs the sweat, then quickly wicks it away, and (2) a soft silicon SweatBlock seal channels the sweat towards the side of the head, away from the eyes and face. BEFORE THE RIDE Pulling on the Halo II for the first time, I noticed that it was fairly tight. This headband...

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Posted on Nov 12, 2014

  Featuring the new Shimano D-Fly Data Management system, the new SM-EWW01 wireless component adds another dimension to the Di2 experience by wirelessly connecting riders to their real-time Di2 data – displayed through their GPS/cycling computer. INTRODUCTION First, let me answer the #1 question that I get asked all of the time, “Will the EWW01 allow me to shift wirelessly?” Currently, the answer is No. This often leads to the second question. “Why not?” Well, in order for Shimano to change the gears wirelessly, each side of the wireless communications system (Front Derailleur, Rear Derailleur, Shifters) requires a separate battery, so if any 1 battery goes down, the entire system will probably go down. Also, that’s a lot of batteries to keep track of, not to mention all of the unplugging plugging back in each battery after a recharge, etc. The second issue is interference. Current wireless technology has come a long way, but still needs to go further to solve this issue. For example, I run a small wireless CAT EYE cycle-computer. Its transmitter is mounted on the...

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Shimano Pro Deluxe Water Bottle Cage

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

SHIMANO PRO DELUXE BOTTLE CAGE Rating: 5/5 Price MSRP: $19.99 each Weight: 32g each Source: Bike Shops, Websites Features: Lightweight Fiberglass Construction How obtained: Purchased at LBS Summary: High quality ‘glass-filled nylon’ construction makes it lightweight, strong and a great value for your money HOT! Fits all diameter bottles Great value for the money Comes in Matt Black or Glossy White NOT! Haven’t found any issues     INITIAL OBSERVATIONS: I actually needed to pick up a couple of new bottle cages. I started looking around and the most common choices were aluminum, steel, plastic and carbon. This means that I could choose either a flimsy aluminum one for around $8 (yuck), a heavy steel cage for around $10 (uh-no), a flimsy plastic cage also around $10 (another no), or a carbon one starting at $50 (and I needed 2)  …..  Some choices  🙁 So, I started looking around and found one that looked promising – good on price and it was made of something different than the rest – (fiber)glass filled nylon. A very lightweight, sturdy and durable...

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Polar Insulated Sports Bottle

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

  WATER BOTTLE: POLAR SPORT INSULATED – 24oz. Rating: 4.8/5 Price MSRP: $11.99 : 24 oz $10.99 : 20 oz $9.99 : 12 oz Source: Bike shops, Websites Features: Insulation to keep the heat out and cold in How obtained: Sample from company Summary: High quality materials and well thought out features! HOT (or COLD)!! Fits all standard water bottle cages. Double-wall insulation keeps heat out and cold in. Inner foil liner adds extra thermal protection. Can customize bottles with logos BPA-free and Phthalate-free Low density polyethlene (LDPE #4) which is FDA food-grade approved Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) compliant California Prop 65 compliant And, proudly   NOT! Due to double-wall insulation and requirement to use existing water bottle cages, this 24oz bottle grows in height from 9-1/4” (for a typical 24 oz bottle) to 10-3/5” (for the Polar Sport Bottle with standard cap). The issue is that this bottle is now too tall for small frames (52cm and under), BUT, there is a solution which is discussed in the review below.      ...

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