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Saddles Part 6 – So Who Won?

Posted on Apr 2, 2013

SO WHO WON? Which one is the best? Again, testing results are for my body type, flexibility, riding style. Your results may (and probably will) vary. FIRST PLACE: SPECIALIZED ROMIN EVO EXPERT (4.5/5)I found the Specialized to be the best overall saddle when comparing quality, usability, comfort, numbness factor, design and price. Even if this saddle was twice its price, it would be worth buying!What makes the Specialized Romin saddle so comfortable is that they have already designed in everything that makes a saddle comfortable.  The Romin has Minimal taper to the side flares No protrusions to interfere with any leg movement Smooth profile of the edge All angles and transitions that flow into the cutout are smooth All curves and arcs on the top of the saddle are smooth – no pressure points. These are all high quality saddles, and the difference between 1st place and 3rd place was 0.5 points.     SECOND PLACE: SELLE SMP FORMA (4.25/5)The Selle SMP FORMA is a surprisingly comfortable saddle when you consider there is no padding. I have ridden this...

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Saddles Part 7 – Summary Table

Posted on Apr 1, 2013

In conclusion, let me say that all of these manufacturers are a credit to the cycling community. Each has spent countless hours researching ergonomics in order to make saddles safer and more comfortable for you-the cyclist. Every cyclist has their own degree of flexibility, riding style, position, etc, and the saddle manufacturers have responded with different lines and models within each product line to satisfy each type of rider. I have looked at all model lines and every saddle manufacturer is using the absolute best materials with the highest quality craftsmanship possible. I was highly impressed with the form, fit and function of all of these saddles, so go out and try different saddles so you can find one that fits you the best. You will not go wrong using any saddle from any of these manufacturers listed! *click on table for full size...

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