About Me

This website was started by Richard Shultz. Below you can find more about him.

30 years ago, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and started my career in the aerospace industry as a software developer. Advancing in my career, I was given roles with ever increasing responsibilities such as software development manager, project manager and even program manager. I was always assigned troubled projects since I had the ability to assemble and lead highly specialized teams making successes out of what seemed like doomed projects. While working full time, I went back to school and received my MBA, followed by a DBA – Doctor Business Administration.

I’m an engineer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart and when I retired from the aerospace industry, I started a specialty cutlery company where I developed a formula and process to heat treat highly-alloyed titanium. This led to me working directly with the US Navy SEALs, USMC Recon, and EOD teams creating their non-magnetic multi-purpose knife which is still being ordered andMPK-Ti used to this day. I also designed and developed several anti-mine probes for US Army and Navy EOD. These products as well as others I designed and developed are in use by every NATO country’s Special Operations teams around the world. Then, 10 years later, I sold the company and again retired.

I have always enjoyed bicycling and through a series of coincidences, I was able to achieve my third passion in life – Bicycle Industry Consultant and Product Tester. I have tested many prototype and pre-production items, sending in product improvement ideas and watching the product improve version to version. I continue to test prototype products for companies and publish only off the shelf production products on my website http://biketestreviews.com.   All other feedback reports stay confidential with the companies I test for.

1One thing that has recently intrigued me is bicycle fit. I have read everything on the topic as well as attending bike fitting classes and have become Guru and BikeFit certified. My goal is to work with cyclists to make sure they experience greater enjoyment during their rides. I  make sure that the bike is fit to you, and I specialize in maximizing the bike fit with pedal/cleat/shoe adjustments.

As a bike fit professional, I have heard legion horror stories about “professional” 4-500pxfittings that have gone bad − leaving riders less comfortable, in more pain, and disillusioned about the whole bike-fitting industry. Simply put that should never happen, so I recently wrote an eBook in response making sure that a “bad fit” doesn’t happen to you. The book is entitled, “Bike Fit 101: Your Tool set for a Great Bike Fit” and is available for $9.99 by contacting me at biketestreviews@gmail.com or through the following link at The Parts Shoppe 

I am currently available for free fit evaluations, consultations and fittings at Bike Religion Dana Point. Please contact me through one of the friendly Bike Religion staff at 1-855-433-8806 or at biketestreviews@gmail.com

I am also available as a consultant to the bicycle industry.

Rick Schultz